3 responses to “Komiza 24. X 2013

  1. Reblogged this on Arran Q Henderson and commented:
    Just found this (young? Croatian?) photographer only the other day and. frankly, have no idea 9 or have not yet articulated) why i like his work so much. But it appears I do. You may also like them. Either way, here they are.

      • my pleasure, especially because I think your work is really very good. As I said already on my own site, in my reblog, I’m not even sure why i like it so much, but I just know that I do.

        By the way, you may be interested to hear that a couple of my own readers got in touch with me to comment on your work, including one novelist based in France, and a historian here in Ireland, and they also liked it very much, and found it very mysterious and interesting. 🙂

        I’m not sure our “interpretations” of your work are very accurate (probably not in fact!) but at least it has moved people sufficiently to think and speak about it. Not something that all photography always achieves.

        Anyway, my compliments again on the work. and oh, if you ever decide to put up more information about the thinkings or feelings behind it, the background to the work I mean, please drop me a line and let us know, because I’m quite curious about all that.

        very best regards- Arran (Henderson).

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